Since 2002, NIRNAETH haunts the extreme music scene with a devasting Black/Death Metal.

Since the release of the demo « Nothing but Ashes » and two albums « Thrown Athwart eh Darkness » and « Splendour of the Abyss » (Great Dane Records / Distributed by Season of Mist), the band could access to 100 gigs, with bands such as Obituary, Inquisition, Rotting Christ, Arkona, Nunslaughter…

With the arrival of its new drummer in 2015, NIRNAETH recorded the single « Nihil in Me » with the complicity of the label Kaotoxin, followed by a pro video clip. The song figures on a limited edition vynil in July 2016.

NIRNAETH recruited an additional guitarist in 2017 and the 3rd album « From Shadow to Flesh » is recorded. This concept album marks a turning point un the evolution of the quintet. Drums are recorded by Phil Reinhalter at the Psykron Studio. The mix and mastering are done by Deha at the Forbidden Frequencies Studio. The visual is signed by Above Chaos (Tsujder, Inquisition, Melechesh).

‘From Shadow to flesh » is released by Malpermesita Records in Sept 18.

Fading Bliss

The history of FADING BLISS started in November 2009, when Olivier decided to start a new project combining gothic and doom metal influences, and paying somehow tribute to the early 90’s bands Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Theatre Of Tragedy and alike.
Within a few days a full line-up was built from scratch, featuring Mélanie (vocals), Dahl (vocals, Innerfire), Florian (keyboards, Innerfire), Arnaud (bass), and
Michel (drums). Hailing from the same area in Belgium, the new-formed band soon started to rehearse covers and compose new songs.

In August, 2010, the band entered the Noise Factory Studio with Gérald Jans (Channel Zero, Machiavel, Epysode…) and recorded its first self-titled demo.
Featuring 4 tracks, this demo showed the personality of the band, ranging from aggressive and melodic songs to slower and darker tunes. The response from both
the fans and the press was quite overwhelming.
The following months, Fading Bliss played a few shows and kept on writing new tracks, further developing their sound trademarks, and adding even more depth
and darkness to their music. Over these new tracks, 8 were chosen to be featured on the forthcoming debut album. The recordings happened between March and
June 2012, again in Noise Factory studio, resulting in “From Illusion To Despair”.
In August 2012, Stéphan joined the band as second guitar player, using his 20 years of practice to add a heavier and even more massive sound to the music of


NYDVIND was founded in Paris – France, in November 2000.

The band released its debut album “Eternal Winter Domain” in 2003 on French label Sacral Productions. This album became over the years a masterpiece of French Pagan Metal.

In April 2006, NYDVIND toured in Europe with Kampfar. The “Heathen over Europe” tour allowed the band to extend its reputation within the European Pagan metal scene.
During this same period, the “Eternal Winter Domain” debut album was re-released by French label Adipocere Records as a limited digipack edition, including 3 previously unreleased songs.
This new deal helped the band to get a wider exposure within the international metal scene.

2007 to 2009 were calm years during which the band mainly searched for a new record label.

In late 2009, the band finally signed with German label TROLLZORN and released in 2010 its long awaited second album, « Sworn to the Elders ».

NYDVIND then returned in a rather calm period, playing some shows in France and working on its third album.

In 2011, the band released a track, “Wrath and Wisdom” on a split 7” with Hungarian band BORNHOLM.

The years 2012-2016 were mainly devoted to the conception of an ambitious work: a tetralogy based on 4 elements, entitled “Tetramental”.

This 4 chapter-work opens now with the album « Tetramental I – Seas of Oblivion », to be released in January 2018 by French label Malpermesita Records.


After 2 albums based on the first world war, the band is back with a brand new line-up with 4 old members of The Negation, and old of current members of Insain, End of Mankind…, a new theme, a radical line and a new musical direction.

The new band concept based on the Carl Gustav Jung works and the dark and depth instincts of the Human species, is exploring the complexity of the Human psyche and its metaphysical aspects, the archetypes of collective unconscious and the process of individualization who explains the civilization decadence. Man has a fundamentally bad part that only asks to express himself.

Métampsychose is the first opus of a new cycle of 3 albums based on the Red book of Carl Jung, which explores in several nights, the nightmares and phantasms that haunt the main character and his quest in order to find a master that will allow him to satisfy his low instincts and descend completely into the evil that inhabits him.

Azziard has played with many major bands of extreme metal on tour or at festivals, including Belphegor, Behemoth, Der weg einer freiheit, Emperor, Moonsorrow, Setherial, Solstafir, Gorgoroth, Tsjuder… and participated at the HELLFEST 2014, TRIEL Open Air 2014, Black Metal is Rising, Ragnard Rock Festival….

Humanity is about to be dismissed by its own actions.