A band from the label will be present in Heretik Magazine #2 for November / December 2017
An Heretik bar will be present at the Tyrant Fest at the Métaphone of Oignies on November 11th and 12th or at the HRTK Party which will take place on November 23rd in Le Biplan (Lille)!

Diffusion in the usual deposits points of the Hauts-de-France. For those who could not get it, send it by mail for a simple stamp.

Heretik is also:
a webzine www.heretik-magazine.fr
a Facebook page: Heretik Magazine
events: Heretik Party! Stengah – Mindslow – Virgil
a webshop: http://www.heretik-magazine.fr/shop/

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