From Kaotoxin to Malpermesita

Started in 2010 and having released 64 titles before becoming XENOKORP and MALPERMESITA on January of 2017, KAOTOXIN was an indie label from Northern France focusing on young and confirmed talents of the Rock & Metal scenes among which many found there a home for their debut releases and since then became established names within their scenes.

Quality is the watchword for MALPERMESITA. Each group of the roster is rigorously selected. Quality and professionalism are the main criteria to join the label. Each of them is active, has started several years ago and is recognized in its style.




The history of FADING BLISS started in November 2009, when Olivier decided to start a new project combining gothic and doom metal influences, and paying somehow tribute to the early 90’s bands Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Theatre Of Tragedy and alike.
Within a few days a full line-up was built from scratch, featuring Mélanie (vocals), Dahl (vocals, Innerfire), Florian (keyboards, Innerfire), Arnaud (bass), and
Michel (drums). Hailing from the same area in Belgium, the new-formed band soon started to rehearse covers and compose new songs.

In August, 2010, the band entered the Noise Factory Studio with Gérald Jans (Channel Zero, Machiavel, Epysode…) and recorded its first self-titled demo.
Featuring 4 tracks, this demo showed the personality of the band, ranging from aggressive and melodic songs to slower and darker tunes. The response from both
the fans and the press was quite overwhelming.
The following months, Fading Bliss played a few shows and kept on writing new tracks, further developing their sound trademarks, and adding even more depth
and darkness to their music. Over these new tracks, 8 were chosen to be featured on the forthcoming debut album. The recordings happened between March and
June 2012, again in Noise Factory studio, resulting in “From Illusion To Despair”.
In August 2012, Stéphan joined the band as second guitar player, using his 20 years of practice to add a heavier and even more massive sound to the music of