From Kaotoxin to Malpermesita

Started in 2010 and having released 64 titles before becoming XENOKORP and MALPERMESITA on January of 2017, KAOTOXIN was an indie label from Northern France focusing on young and confirmed talents of the Rock & Metal scenes among which many found there a home for their debut releases and since then became established names within their scenes.

Quality is the watchword for MALPERMESITA. Each group of the roster is rigorously selected. Quality and professionalism are the main criteria to join the label. Each of them is active, has started several years ago and is recognized in its style.




Since 2002, NIRNAETH haunts the extreme music scene with a devasting Black/Death Metal.

Since the release of the demo « Nothing but Ashes » and two albums « Thrown Athwart eh Darkness » and « Splendour of the Abyss » (Great Dane Records / Distributed by Season of Mist), the band could access to 100 gigs, with bands such as Obituary, Inquisition, Rotting Christ, Arkona, Nunslaughter…

With the arrival of its new drummer in 2015, NIRNAETH recorded the single « Nihil in Me » with the complicity of the label Kaotoxin, followed by a pro video clip. The song figures on a limited edition vynil in July 2016.

NIRNAETH recruited an additional guitarist in 2017 and the 3rd album « From Shadow to Flesh » is recorded. This concept album marks a turning point un the evolution of the quintet. Drums are recorded by Phil Reinhalter at the Psykron Studio. The mix and mastering are done by Deha at the Forbidden Frequencies Studio. The visual is signed by Above Chaos (Tsujder, Inquisition, Melechesh).

« From Shadow to flesh » is released by Malpermesita Records in Sept 18.