From Kaotoxin to Malpermesita

Started in 2010 and having released 64 titles before becoming XENOKORP and MALPERMESITA on January of 2017, KAOTOXIN was an indie label from Northern France focusing on young and confirmed talents of the Rock & Metal scenes among which many found there a home for their debut releases and since then became established names within their scenes.

Quality is the watchword for MALPERMESITA. Each group of the roster is rigorously selected. Quality and professionalism are the main criteria to join the label. Each of them is active, has started several years ago and is recognized in its style.




NYDVIND was founded in Paris – France, in November 2000.

The band released its debut album “Eternal Winter Domain” in 2003 on French label Sacral Productions. This album became over the years a masterpiece of French Pagan Metal.

In April 2006, NYDVIND toured in Europe with Kampfar. The “Heathen over Europe” tour allowed the band to extend its reputation within the European Pagan metal scene.
During this same period, the “Eternal Winter Domain” debut album was re-released by French label Adipocere Records as a limited digipack edition, including 3 previously unreleased songs.
This new deal helped the band to get a wider exposure within the international metal scene.

2007 to 2009 were calm years during which the band mainly searched for a new record label.

In late 2009, the band finally signed with German label TROLLZORN and released in 2010 its long awaited second album, « Sworn to the Elders ».

NYDVIND then returned in a rather calm period, playing some shows in France and working on its third album.

In 2011, the band released a track, “Wrath and Wisdom” on a split 7” with Hungarian band BORNHOLM.

The years 2012-2016 were mainly devoted to the conception of an ambitious work: a tetralogy based on 4 elements, entitled “Tetramental”.

This 4 chapter-work opens now with the album « Tetramental I – Seas of Oblivion », to be released in January 2018 by French label Malpermesita Records.